The Wisdom of Silence

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The Wisdom of Silence
It’s in a moment that a word can topple you
But in dumbness we learn of profounder languages,
whose wordless eloquence is felt like caring hands
and living, seeing eyes that drink in
the sorrow and the shame,
but not to scrutinize or in loftiness
they see, and give the heartfelt sympathy
and their living flame radiates and warms
for words
yet still keeps silent, waiting,
waiting for that gentle word that will not spew to violence
but in its breaking silence
heal the wounds of careless words that in moments past
have toppled you.

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  1. Nessa

    When I first read the poem I personified it as 2 people having a conversation. I got that it’s about hurtful or rebuking words that affect the other person immensely. That the person who said the hurtful words waited in silence because sometimes that’s all someone needs…just a quiet presence and then comforting words.
    But then, when I read it again and again I gathered it to be more about an experience and how each of us have gone through hurtful words that can mess with us in the past and the impact that gracious words can have as well. Reminds me of a verse I read in Proverb 12:18. Silence is also considered wise(Proverbs 17:28). Basically I found myself getting a lot of different interpretations for this poem but it is definitely well written and draws you in to think deeper about it. Also I recently read Proverbs and felt as if some of your words are taken from passages about the tongue and silence. I would say that yes, we do need to cultivate our understanding of how our words impact others and how silence can be better even though in this time and age we are pressured to speak our minds without thinking first.

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