Vanity and Value Part III

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She Was Chasing After Fashion

She was chasing after fashion and she found it.
It’s quite fantastic, as in fantasy fantastic,
that a mind can think of things not yet made
and turn them into objects in our hands;
we touch and feel the incarnate thoughts
we wear and share them with our friends;
But her pursuit didn’t stagnate with the acquisition of the style,
She wanted more—the life beyond the style—
that styled life that spoke
“This isn’t style, this is my lifestyle”
So then came the brews made from exotic brands
of beans imported (fairly) from poor or war-torn lands.
Then that mountain peak that no one knows about
or perhaps has never tread with friends like these,
whose styled lives and visions coincided
with the vision in her mind;
and then the tints of ocean blue and sunset yellow
along with washes of that good ol’ forest green
that made the ones outside often gawk and say,
“Her life’s serene”
Yet her journey was still lacking that time tested seal,
the seal that said “I unconditionally approve”
So she found herself a suitor
and soon she fell in love.
But as she placed her hand in his,
with her head resting on his shoulder,
she didn’t realize the illusion of the dream attained
Or the illusions of embodied thoughts and styles
That were, really, always there, yet now were just rearranged;
and those brews from beans from foreign lands
were just roasted longer, shorter, warmer, hotter
to change perspective on, really, what’s all the same;
and those tints and shades of pictures
just neglected to show the anger and frustration of the car-ride there…
But who should care?

Her head still rests, sadly,
And sadder still her gaze is fixed below the sun.
The illusion of the difference of now from times before
Has her in its lifeless hands;
“Vanity” it dares not whisper, but the mantra:
“The substance and the seal
is only what you feel,”
echoes through her hollow mind.

Yet beyond the sun is One
Who alone can give the substance and the seal.
He is all that’s true and real, yet different
from her or him, and not within the breast,
but out there! beyond the sun
Out there! to be believed!
For in His substance there is hope that’s real
not a dream or fleeting feeling in the air,
but the true assurance of His eternal care
that will one day judge and truly bring a change

Her gaze scatters below the sun
looking for a seal,
But there is only One.

*          *          *          *          *


The world is passing away, and also its lusts;
but the one who does the will of God lives forever.
1st John 1:17

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