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I know some of the coolest people in the world! They are all different, but they are also all united as sons and daughters of God through Christ. I know shy ones who are often unnoticed and unpopular simply because they do not shout or let themselves get taken away by various social currents. Yet despite their shyness, their hearts are filled with such compassion and care that ministers to others in a way that none other can reproduce. They are able to notice subtleties of moods or words that betray sadness or grief that are unnoticed by others. The are also okay not publicly posting about the times they cared for a relative or friend in need. They simply cherish those memories in their hearts as Mary cherished what the angels and shepherds said about her son.

I also know those who are vibrant, audacious, and bold in their approach to life. They are like the ball one tries and fails to keep under water, always moving up and never allowing anything to keep them down for long. These are the movers, the igniters of joy and faith. With their bold vision for the future, they bring the downcast and indifferent out of their often toxic reveries to new courage to live for the King.

Then there are the intellectual fellows whose sharp wit wisely breaks the lattices of deceit whose foundations falsely claim to be biblical. These are the ones who bring reason, earnest faith, prayer, and genuine love to the fellowship. Without their caution and concern, many could be deceived and led astray by false joys or loves that are less than His love. Thus their sharpening brings sobriety and alertness to the devil who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to someone to devour or deceive.

These people are but a sliver of the manifold grace of God in the Body of Christ (1 Peter 4:10). God has given me the privilege to know such characters and to call them brothers, sisters, and friends, so I wanted to share my joy with you all in knowing the Body. Perhaps they are not the coolest as I said above. The world after all has a convoluted understanding of what it means to be cool, but the Body of Christ (the Bride) is the most beautiful thing this earth has ever seen. For Christ dwells within her.


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