A Poem for Easter

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I first wrote this poem for myself, but it turned into something I want to proclaim to everyone. May it be an encouragement.

On Resurrection Day

May Christ be resurrected in our hearts;
may joy and gladness not overflow
from the looks and prods of those around
but from sweet assurance in the inner part
of soul– His sanctuary, His abode–
that in the festive saying “Christ is risen”
be not empty breathing wrapped in words
but substance, flesh, the Spirit’s moving,
the evidence of life and heavens proving
of the only man who ever lives, though once he died.

And he died to ever give himself as life
in flesh and spirit, as Son and Servant,
mediating for sin our malady and death our curse.
Have you never read that verse?
“After making the purification of our sins
He. Sat. Down.”
and sitting, intercedes as once cursed yet just
to make us justified and blameless,
perfect, clean:

Behold the glory! Behold the veil ‘s torn!
He sits! Enthroned! He sits, and compassion ‘s in his eye!
Behold the Holy, the Immaculate!
The Lord of glory and our Advocate!
Behold and bow, for dust are we;
yet risen Savior and incarnate deity is He!

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