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A Cacophony of Androgyny

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“Our greatest enemy is distinction!
It is only when a person sees another as “other”
that hatred and homophobia come about.
Let us not bow down to the tyrannical two–
that binary of backward upbringing.
Our purpose is to be all one
and the one to be all.
Men and women,
are both women and men.
We worship the Baphomet, our androgynous god,
for femininity and masculinity
are only the oppression of dead Hebraic religion–
the stench of the Jew is in difference.
We will not bow down!
We will rise
with the banner of acceptance and love.
We will lead the affront with the scribes
and the sages of the right side of history!
Nietzsche, Freud, Foucault, and Jung;
the witches and astrologers,
the magicians and materialists,
the transgenders and gays!
They will lead us into the glorious
androgynous future of freedom and love…”

The Creator-creature distinction is central to a true understanding of this world, yet the androgynous (monistic, pantheistic, atheistic) god is really nothing more than men inflating their thoughts into an image of their own making. They worship the creation rather than the Creator, and thus they have become fools (Romans 1). Were it not for the grace of God I would be one of the multitude adding to this cacophony of androgyny.

Yet it’s this cacophony that presumes to free people to become what they really are. They put self-expression over truth, and say that what a person feels is more important than what any outside authority has to say. In that they subvert all authority and take on an anarchist mentality. This is the mentality of rebellion. We find ourselves once again in the Garden, at the base of the tower of Babel, walking with the grumbling Israelites in the desert, among the imperfect, human Kings of Israel; we find ourselves amidst a fallen humanity. What is needed is redemption, because even when the crowds, shouting their foolish notions about reality, are told the truth of God, they reject it. It is unpalatable to them. But when Christ, the Eternal Word, manifests himself to men, his power is not in his convincing but in his crucifying those perverted palates. He mortifies them in his own death, and in power rises as the righteous God-man who can give life and light to all to believe.

The cacophony wants to drown out distinction, but the Word draws it out. It’s in him and only in him that a soul can receive true life and light. As it says in the Gospel of John chapter 1 verse 14:

 “In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.” John 1:4



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