Ode to a Scythe: A Pastoral

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Ode to a Scythe: A Pastoral By Timothy Berezhnoy Hand to handle—wooden stave— weighted with a gleaming blade. The wheat rises, ripe and swaying on this cold crisp morn ready to be mowed with uniform motion of the edge that glides guided by my hands. The work begins, the swaying side to side, again, again with fellow blades and men …

The Body

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I know some of the coolest people in the world! They are all different, but they are also all united as sons and daughters of God through Christ. I know shy ones who are often unnoticed and unpopular simply because they do not shout or let themselves get taken away by various social currents. Yet despite their shyness, their hearts are filled …


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Hannah You know the answer to my despair My anxious longing, my gasp for air Yet without son, without child I choose Your way undefiled. To worship You—the greatest joy— So to Your service I employ The gift that I adore— He, the son I asked You for. By Timothy Berezhnoy “For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has …


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Denial by George Herbert When my devotions could not pierce Thy silent ears; Then was my heart broken, as was my verse: My breast was full of fears And disorder: My bent thoughts, like a brittle bow, Did fly asunder: Each took his way; some would to pleasures go, Some to the wars and thunder Of alarms. As good go …

The Venture

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The Venture I venture to some strange and foreign land that my deeds may escape and find themselves free of reprimand. But a Hand, though harsh at first, draws me back and revives a thirst, a thirst, for Living Water. By Timothy Berezhnoy. April 17, 2013

But, Lord, I Was Right!

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Vidicate Me “Vindicate me, Lord!” I cried When, to my shame, I, the one to blame, Have His grace and goodness tried. “See yourself now,” He replied “How, much in sin, You yearned to win And with that heart My strength denied.” “Cleanse my heart, Lord, then abide. As now I see Your strength in me Is only shown when …

Gold: An Explanation

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In the second installment to my series “Vanity and Value” I shared my poem Gold. If you haven’t read it, give it a read here and then come back to read this post. But before you read the explanation, try to think about the poem yourself. It’s good to consider for yourself what something means, before another tells you about it …

Vanity and Value Part II

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Gold I hope to be known to be shown to have grown to be known I wonder what is to come of me a piece of dust swirling in the wind wondering, wandering I envision a history marked by my books shifted by ideas I’ve patented I envision,     it’s merely a vision I see I am smoke dissolving to nothing, …

Vanity and Value Part I

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Meditations by the River [Sitting on a sandy bank of a river.] Grain by grain this sand—this life— falls through my fingers. the waters, calm, consistent in their motion, are impervious to changing times and trends of what seems is cosmic in proportion and significance. Yet here the magnificence is not found in what is new; it’s the unchanging, the …