About This Blog

I want to start my blog with a simple message. It’s the message of the Gospel:
There is one God and we have been created by Him. As the apostle Paul famously said in his sermon on Mars hill, “He created us to seek him and find him though he is not far from each one of us.” Yet the unfortunate reality is we rebelled against God and, being sinners, we do not want to seek him any longer. This rebellion is the reason of all the suffering and evil of this world. It only makes sense, because going against the goodness of God’s design will never allow for harmony and beauty but only disharmony and evil.  But God, in wisdom and love, has provided for us a way to be reconciled to himself, a way to become those who indeed want to be with Him as a child wants to be with a loving father.

This is where I must say something that sounds utterly foolish to this world. God, to bring sinful men to himself, had to punish his one and only Son in our place. But this often-repeated truth is much greater than we think. Consider that God’s Son was from eternity past the most beloved, pure and precious possession of God. In the fellowship of the Trinity there has always been perfect love and fellowship, and the Son, before he became Jesus on earth, was coequal with the Father. He was in perfect glory and was infinitely majestic. Then God decided to create humans in His own image, so that humans could experience the perfect love and fellowship that was from eternity past. But something utterly terrible happened. Humanity rebelled.

Mankind, beginning with Adam and Eve has raised its fists against heaven, declaring, “We are gods and the living God doesn’t deserve our adoration, praise and obedience.” This rebellion was and is a cosmic crime, because we have dared to dishonor the only being who deserves our utmost honor. Despite this, God had compassion on us and sent his precious Son to save humanity. Yet salvation is not merely a word of forgiveness, because the cosmic crime we committed against God is deserving of death and an eternal suffering in hell. The seriousness of the crime, you see, is quantified by the one against whom it was committed. Therefore, a sin against an infinite God deserves and infinite punishment.

This is why God sent his Son to become a man on Earth—the eternal God the Son incarnated in the person of Jesus Christ. Though the most precious, this Son had to be crucified for sinners, because God is holy, just, and good, and to satisfy his perfect goodness he had to punish the sins we have committed. In this we see God’s unfathomable love, since by crushing his Son He can justify those who believe in Him. Thus, a God-hater, through faith, can become a child. And even you, if you do not know God and live for him, can be reconciled to him through his Son Jesus Christ.

This is the message of all messages. This is the Gospel (the Good News) of God. By God’s grace I have been brought face to face with it and given the faith to believe. Now I am a son and what I want you, the reader, to see through my blog is the unfolding of this reality through every aspect of life. It may be through poetry, prayers, photo essays, meditations or simple observations; yet in whatever this blog will be, I want the truth of God and his gospel to come to bear on it. I want to learn to see the world as he sees it and invite you to take a look as well.