The Relativist’s Song

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The Relativist’s Song

Have you seen me walk on air?
With lofty speculation
I make each thoughtful stair
It rises higher, higher
as my musings plumb and dare
to search the depths of meaning made.
I despise those who rise–
who impose their meaning here;
for there is no story to explain my story,
there is no meta-narrative.
All that is true is my created glory,
all that exists is that to which I give
a deeper thought or “truth”

The Believer’s Reply

Yes, “I see” your nonexistent stair–
your feet firmly planted in mid-air
But have you seen my firm foundation,
that word of granite,
that grand formation?
It brings me lower, lower
as my humble musings plumb and dare
to know the One who epochs made.
I speak the truth to those who rise
with lofty speculation and lofty eyes;
for there is a story to explain our story,
there is a meta-narrative.
It speaks of God’s unfading glory
and the Life that He alone can give

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